IoTeX October 2021 Summary by RockX

3 min readNov 4, 2021


Hello Community,

As a dedicated delegator on IoTeX Network, we are excited to witness their impressive progress in October and have summarized their achievements. Let’s find out what IoTeX has been up to!

Program Progress

  1. The latest governance proposal on a new “Naming Convention for Cross-Chain Assets” has unanimously passed with 485 total votes.

2. Released IoTeX Mainnet v1.4. Updates:

• Improved block sync speeds
• Error reporting for contract failures
• Fixed API gas estimate inconsistencies

3. Launched IoTeX Ambassador Program 2.0. Visit here to apply now:

4. Introduced new bi-weekly Ecosystem Livestream to showcase projects that are building the future on IoTeX. Subscribe here:

5. Launched the first blockchain-based Test Drive on Valuable Asset Tracking (VAT) for medical assets with IIC enterprises to explore how Pebble Tracker + blockchain can reshape medical supply chains.


  1. Established a strategic partnership with to build together ground breaking solutions for sports based on IoT and blockchain.

2. Partnered with Unstoppable Domains as a founding member of the .Wallet Alliance to set a new username standard for peer-to-peer crypto payments.

3. Partnered with Amasa to monetize IoT devices and data. By fusing IoTeX real world data + Amasa investment streaming, users will have access to unprecedented income earning opportunities in the new Web3 world.

4. Partnered with Gitcoin for their highly-anticipated GR11 Hackathon. Nearly 3,000 participants entered with over 200 projects submitted. GR11 Hackathon summary:

5. IoTex dapps is officially live on Math Dapp Store. Math Wallet users can visit IoTeX Dapps directly by Math Dapp Store.

6. Announced a strategic partnership with MobiFi. This major partnership will explore how to leverage user data collection for monetization purposes, while allowing MobiFi’s end-users greater access to DeFi applications on IoTeX ecosystem.

Media Coverage

  1. Head of Cryptography Dr.Xinxin Fan presented IoTeX’s latest DID research at the Vienna Digital Identity Meetup. Theme: “Decentralized Identity & Access Management with Blockchain & IoT”

2. Head of Cryptography Dr.Xinxin Fan published an informative op-ed in BeIncrypto on why DID for IoT will make intelligent machines the largest users of blockchain.

$IOTX Listing

  1. $IOTX/USDT trading pair being listed on LBank.

2. Exchange listed $IOTX/USDC trading pair.

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