RockX Announces Partnership with StaFi Protocol

StaFi provides flexibility and liberty to staked assets

Staked assets are locked up in customers’ wallets and usually subject to an unbounding period when customers decide to unstake. This leaves customers’ tokens exposed to market volatility when they decide to unstake. Hence sometimes it keeps potential customers away from staking their tokens on a validator. To resolve this issue, StaFi team has developed the rTokens to allow customers to hold rTokens as ownership proof of the underlying staked assets. By trading rTokens, customers can acquire or sell their staked assets at ease.

RockX provides reliable validating services for StaFi network and rTokens

RockX has joined the StaFi network as Original Validitors for the StaFi network and rTokens including rETH, rDOT, rKSM, rATOM and other networks to be supported. This will ensure all the staked tokens are managed by secure and reliable validators to minimize slashing risk. rToken holders can be assured that their staked tokens are under good hands such as RockX.

RockX customers will enjoy flexible ETH2.0 staking with rETH (coming soon)

Currently, ETH2.0 is the most exciting staking opportunity in the crypto space. However, it requires one single user to stake 32 ETH on a non-custodian validator and no unstaking is possible until new features are added onto ETH2.0 in a year or so.

RockX and StaFi will further collaborate to expand the liquid staking system

Under this partnership, RockX will work closely with StaFi to explore how to improve the security and stability of all Original Validators, thus enhancing the robustness of the whole rToken ecosystem.

About StaFi

StaFi is the first DeFi protocol unlocking liquidity of staked assets. Users can stake PoS tokens through StaFi and receive rTokens in return, which are available for trading, while still earning staking rewards. rToken is a synthetic staking derivative issued by StaFi to users when users stake PoS tokens through StaFi rToken App. rTokens are anchored to the PoS tokens staked by users and the corresponding staking rewards. rTokens can be transferred and traded at any time.



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