Hello RockXer!~

For all Chinese RockXer, Happy Lunar New Year, Gong Xi Fa Cai (Wishing your wealth grows)! And we are so excited to share with all our supporters that the staking value on RockX is over $100 million!!

RockX is a Singapore-based company and our hard-working team members celebrated the festival and had a very good break. While Crypto never sleeps, the team is ready for a great year of Ox!

Hope you enjoyed and earned a lot in this bull market, especially for those RockX delegators/nominators with DOT, LUNA, ROSE, KSM tokens, which are the most valuable and solid investments in this exciting market, and there is no doubt RockX is bullish about these digital assets and expecting more to come!

Here are the updates recently:



RockX team has been providing technical development to the StoneDefi project, and the Stone project has received a 1.5 million USD development fund from prominent investors.

Stone is a yield aggregation protocol that is dedicated to delivering Rock Solid Yield to our users. It has identified and crafted new farming strategies that taps into POS farming.

Congratulations to StoneDefi team! Cannot wait for their Solid yield Defi product to launch!


The Polkadot team lays out its plan for Parachain rollout as the token climbs to 30+ USD, for details: It’s now on their Rococo Testnet launched recently, subsequently, it will be Kusama auction with vote via on-chain governance, Polkadot IPO would be wild as we forecast and stay tuned for our updates on it

As the token price goes up, the staking service runs smoothly and profitable, I can repeat this 1000 times, stake your DOT tokens with us, PLZ!~









We also received some feedback from users that they didn’t receive rewards for a certain period of time, and we concluded 2 possible reasons here:

  • The rewards come in every era, which is 24 hours, and the payout is manual, it must be any one of the nominators in this validator triggers the payout, then everyone gets the tokens, so if you cannot wait to see the balance to be updated, go to page and claim the rewards
  • ROCKX_POLKADOT1 and ROCKX_POLKADOT2 come back to back, only 1 of them will be an active validator at any time, this is due to Polkadot’s Phragmén Method, which minimizes the number of validators any nominator selected, for more details: . In short, if you nominator either ROCKX_POLKADOT1 or ROCKX_POLKADOT2, make you choose at least another nominee as backup


Solana staking rewards are now live on Solana mainnet beta!~ Well done Solana team!~ Here is the details:

RockX is an active validator in Solana mainnet beta, we need your support and do stake your SOL tokens with us and enjoy up to 10% APY!~

Vote Account: AGXZemZbyZjz5NBhufcob2pf8AXnr9HaGFUGNCfooWrB

Identity: BZBKHmW1DhBaAPojxWBQ26vGz42Y7MtNviFZWpc6nGLb


OasisEth Paratime is in the spotlight in Oasis Community. OasisEth Paratime is a high-performance and privacy-first runtime (called ParaTime) that is fully Ethereum compliant on the Oasis Network developed by Second State, a leader in cloud virtual machine and compiler technologies

RockX team is working on this to see the feasibility to launch a new validator on it.

We’re glad to see such an interesting solution bridging the phenomenal Defi to different blockchain network and it’s expected more and more cross-chain solutions in the near future.

For more information, please visit

Do stake on our validator: oasis1qpjuke27se2wnmvx6e8uc4l5h44yjp9h7g2clqfq and get up to 20% APY earlier!

The market is moving fast and let’s pause here and release more if any news is solid.

Thank you for reading this post and hope you have some idea about RockX, follow us to get more information!







The smarter way to participate in the digital asset economy

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The smarter way to participate in the digital asset economy

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