Hello RockXer!~

Well, well, I believe all Rockers and crypto holders enjoy the bull market a lot in the past few weeks and we expect to see crypto to the moon sooner or later!~ We also want to congrats to all KSM holders for their 5x-10x price rising, happy HODL~

We are also excited to announce that the aum of RockX has reached 200mil with $DOT, $KSM, $OASIS as the main driving force! The team is busy securing validators on the bull market and a lot of things happened, let’s have a quick update and join the great bull market, buckle up!


RockX team is working tirelessly to support the StoneDefi alpha mining program and StoneDefi secured more than 50million TVL within 1 week! Well done, StoneDefi!

Obviously, it’s the Defi season, and Stone’s rock solid yield is really something. No need to mention their coming Liquidity Staking of PoS tokens, we cannot wait and see the next milestone!

For more information, please visit StoneDefi or their social media to get the latest updates

The Polkadot team released the parachain auction in their Rococo testnet, which pushed KSM to crazy high at $500 USD at the time of writing!

It’s so good to have Kusama tokens now and it has the shortest locking period, 7 days only, compared to all other PoS blockchain, thus you enjoy both the high profit margin and flexibility, the best PoS assets in the class!

Due to this strong interests of Kusama, RockX team created and maintained 5 validators now for better rewards ratio, and token holders are advised to distribute and stake their KSM tokens into different validators, the more you stake, the more you are rewarded!~

  • KUSAMA_POLKADOT2: G2XbT7qR9R9pkH3YzHb16eWvBTGVAchsW4PvcioQq1H9UT3
  • KUSAMA_POLKADOT4: EazwSKe7iBdhReVScGUQaHd13T4wbt3WoMJKe3nefneDZ2N
  • KUSAMA_POLKADOT5: DQbaf6a3rUfv5otfmkhDBpQw2L3wTa2uxskfkYdMfwU2aZP


  1. Collaborated with MOONSTAKE to throw a joint webinar about staking on Polkadot.

2. Actively followed the Oasis ParaTime and joined as node operator.

Time is precious for everyone and do catch the great bull market and earn more!

Thank you for reading this post and hope you have some idea about RockX, follow us to get more information!




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